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AOK Portable Water Ionizer 
   Reg. $195, Now $149.95

AOK Portable Water Ionizer

the Incredible Convenience of a Portable Ionizer

The AOK converts regular water into alkaline, ionized water that you can drink anywhere, anytime. A technological breakthrough in portable water ionizers.

13 minerals transform your source water.

Patented stainless steel design certified as safe and free from contamination.

In summary, the new AOK Portable Water Ionizer:

  • Creates a silky-smooth and sweet tasting water
  • Can help improve your body's Acid/Alkaline Balance by increasing the alkalinity of your drinking water by a factor of 20! (pH 7+ to 9.5)
  • A powerful antioxidant -- combats the free radicals that are the cause of most degenerative diseases. AOK water has a low (negative) ORP (antioxidant potential); it typically reduces the ORPotential by at least 200mv)
  • Gives you full hydration by reducing molecular cluster size. Did you know that most North Americans are chronically dehydrated, typically by 40%? Avoid the attendant medical problems!
  • Uses natural Far Infrared Ionization to increase antioxidant power.
  • Silver Ceramic and Anti-bacterial granules keep water free of germs and molds.
Your AOK is Convenient!
  • Takes only a few moments to create your own "wellness water"
  • Half liter (2 cup) capacity & 1 lb (450g) weight makes this an easy travel companion
  • Uses only non-toxic materials (no chemical leaching like in plastic containers)
  • Easy cleaning
  • 12-month usage based on 2-3 liters (quarts) consumption daily
  • Portability and stylish design makes it unique, convenient, and ideal for driving, travel, office, school, hiking and anywhere you need to be on the go!
  • No extra maintenance cost - just filter replacement when needed (typically about once a year)

What are Main Ingredients in the AOK?


  • Tourmaline stone which introduces a natural form of FIR (far infrared radiation), helps to reduce surface tension and imparts a slight ionization effect
  • Zeolites are a rare group of minerals with a four-sided honeycomb structure and a natural, negative magnetic charge. Zeolite can absorb and retain heavy metals and toxins. These can then pass safely out of the body without re-absorption.
  • Maifanshi comes from valley streams rich in porphyritic pea gravel. Traditionally, maifanshi has been used as a general health medicine in Asia and also for bathing, due to its ability to absorb toxins and supply many trace minerals. In the AOK, maifanshi helps to clean, remineralize and ionize the water.
Watch this AOK ("alkapod") demonstration by our Australian


Order Online or Toll-free: 1-416-618-3532 or 1-888-322-3589

Why Alkaline Ionized Water?

The Need for an Alkaline Environment - Our bodies function best when they are neither too acid nor too alkaline. Unfortunately most of us have become overly acidic due to poor diet, popular beverages, lack of healthy exercise, environmental contaminants and stress. Acidity or alkalinity is measured by "pH", and ranges from 0 (highly acidic) to 14 (highly alkaline) while a pH of 7 is neutral. .Our blood system is always working to keep itself in the narrow range of pH 7.35 to 7.45. Drinking alkaline water helps the body maintain a healthy pH level. An easy way to assist your body in becoming more alkaline is to drink alkaline water.


Importance of Water - Water sustains all forms of life. Water is the medium through which every metabolic function occurs in the body. If you are even slightly dehydrated at a cellular level, this will impair your cell's ability to do its job. Proper hydration is crucial to good health, and not all water hydrates equally. Drinking the right kind of water will help improve wellness and longevity. Water from your AOK portable ionizer hydrates you most effectively. By reducing the size of molecular clusters, this allows your body to more readily absorb water.


Oxidation - Free radicals are unstable atoms which react with healthy cells causing oxidative damage. It's the same thing that makes an apple turn brown or iron rust. Researchers believe that free radical damage is a contributing factor in nearly every known disease and aging. Antioxidants stop oxidation. Hydride ions (H-) have an extra electron that neutralize free radicals. Alkaline water is abundant in very small molecules of activated hydrogen which can help to counteract oxidative or free radical damage. It acts as a super-pervasive antioxidant due to its molecular weight of 18 daltons (takes less than 500 daltons to cross the blood brain barrier).

Here are the test results:



Benefits of your AOK

  • Many authorities such as Dr. Robert Young ("pH Miracle" Series), Dr. Ted Baroody ("Alkalize or Die") and Sang Whang ("Reverse Aging") all recommend drinking water with an alkaline pH up to 9.5. Your AOK water ranges from pH 7.5 to 9.5.
  • Increased active hydrogen effectively increases pH and helps alkalize your body.
  • Regular tap or bottled water has oxidizing properties. Your AOK creates negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (-ORP). This means water from your AOK helps counteract this type of damage. ORP values typically range from approximately -50mv to -200mv (results varying depending on the type of water treated).
  • The Tourmaline in your AOK produces negative ions and also helps reduce the size of the water molecule clusters.
  • Helps to remove bacteria from potable water.
  • Helps remove chlorine.


How is the AOK portable ionizer differ from a regular water ionizer, like the Jupiter Melody or Venus? The AOK does not use electricity (electrolysis) to produce ionization. Instead it uses mineral crystals that produce an ionization effect that is less powerful than a regular ionizer. Ionizers such as the Venus and Melody have much more comprehensive filtration and produce higher levels of pH (alkalinity) and antioxidant power (-ORP). The AOK's value lies in being very portable: for work, travel and as a complement to your home ionizer.

Of what kind of metal is the AOK made? # 304 Stainless Steel.

What is your return policy? You can return the unused AOK within 30 days for a full refund of product price.

Energized, healthy water you can enjoy anywhere!



Limited Time Offer for Canadian customers only: Order now and get a FREE shoulder carry bag.

Reg. $195, Now $149.95













































































































































Melody Full Unit:
Top Selling Alkaline Water Ionizer in The World

GTAwater is one the exclusive dealer for one of the most trusted brand name in the water ionizer industry. If you want the very best brand, this is the one for you. It holds the top certifications for water ionizer machine.  This is not just an water ionizer, it is an also a water purifier.

Jupiter is an Water Ionizer,
and a Water Purifier

ORDER NOW - Click Here


FREE Shipping
Biostone Filter

Why Melody?
Jupiter Melody is designed to be both a premium water ionizer and a premium water filtration system.  This is far superior than other ionizer brands which lack the capability of removing the thousands of contaminants from the water.    For example, Melody can remove bad fluoride, leads, bacteria and virus, whereas most of other brand of ionizers can not.  This makes Melody the best selling water ionizer in the world.  Its has one of the highest certification in the ionizer industries and certified by Korean and Japanese Ministries of Health as an water ionizer with the high quality need to be approved as an medical device.
Life is good.
Get a Melody Water Ionizer
     Premium Alkaline Machine + Premium Biostone Water Filtration Unit
     CSA and UL Certified in North America
     ISO9001 Certified Plant
     Certified in Europe (CE):  Jupiter is the only ionizer brand to be approved by CE.
     Certified by Korean and Japanese Ministries of Health as an approved medical device

Alkaline Water Ionizer Technology
The electrolytic cell of the ionizer machine separates normal tap water into two streams of acidic and alkaline water.
1) The acidic water has sterilizing properties and can be used for healing skin problems.  Since
acidic ionized water is also compatible with the external pH of the human body which is about 5.5 pH, it is also excellent and used as face and body wash for beautiful skin, and hair protection.

Alkaline Water Benefits
Alkaline water has the power of restoring health, youth and balance to your body.  Our human body needs to be in the alkaline side to resist disease and function normally.  However, our modern eating habits and stressful lifestyle pushes our pH below 7.3 into the acidic side. As a result, our body tries counter this by generating alkaline body fluid of pH8.8 from the pancreases as the peak.  By drinking alkaline water, we can easily help our body to maintain body fluid at pH7.3 according to the homeostasis function.

It also has the following amazing properties
a) Normal large water clusters break into smaller clusters.  Smaller water clusters help your body to be more efficient at absorbing nutrients and flushing more toxin waste out of your system. 
b) Water ionizer causes the normal minerals in the water to become more activated.  Activated minerals are much better absorbed in the body.  A variety of minerals found in water are necessary to help our bodies to functioning properly.
c) Control bad bacteria in organs and increase beneficial bacteria to prevent disease.  There are 100 kinds of bacteria and trillion of micro-organisms living in the large intestine.
d) Oxidation Reduction Potential - help neutralize free radicals or active oxygen and fights aging and disease.
e) Abundant Hexagonal Water works better with the body.  The ionizer breaks down the normal water cluster of 13 molecules into smaller cluster of 6 molecules and prevent diseases.

Only Jupiter Ionizer gives you the lifetime warranty, it represent the highest quality in the market.
For detail see here.



- No extra $75 delivery fee.
- No extra $70 Brokerage fee to clear cross border customs.
- No Extra 2% spread on credit card purchases


Melody Features
The flagship of the Jupiter line, the new Melody JP104 water ionizer is one of the highest quality ionizer in the market.  You buy melody because of the following:

       1) Special Features, Biostone Filter, 
       2) Brand name, Jupiter is one of the top leading brand in the water ionizer market. 
       3) Reliability, the manufacturer has over 20 years of history in the
       4) Certification, it has the top certification in the water ionizer industries
       5) Why paid $2600 CAD for other less superior brands,  Melody is priced at Now $1595 CAD  See Comparison Below

  • No wait for your alkaline water. Due to its highly sophisticated self-cleaning system, when you first turn the unit on, your drinking water is immediately available.
  • It cleans itself as you draw water and continues to clean itself silently after you stop drawing water.

    These auto-cleanings ensure continued maximum performance by removing any particles that may have gotten into the ionizing chamber and any build-ups on the electrodes. The result? An appliance you can trust will provide many years of trouble-free service:
  • Lifetime warranty, it represent the highest quality in the market. No other brand gives you this warranty. For detail see here.

    416-618-3532  and  Toll-free: 1-888-322-3589

    • Effortless control of pH setting through the on-board Micon Computer. Voice confirmation of selection (if desired)
    • Biostone Water Filter: Multistage, silver-coated activated carbon water filter. Removes harmful chlorine, trihalomethanes, phenols, sediment, odor, sour taste, organic waste, lead, pesticides, and bacteria of all kinds
    • Platinum-titanium electrodes for many years of use
    • LCD Filter counter gives estimate of how much water filter life you have left
    • Elegant and compact design, one of the most compact unit in the market
    • Simple and elegant controls

    The Melody Water Ionizer has 9 levels of pH to choose from, giving it an extremely broad range of 3.8 (acid) to 11.0 (alkaline). (Note: The pH results from any water ionizer depend upon your source water. Generally speaking, harder water will produce more alkaline results.)

    With the Jupiter Melody, your daily drinking water is a powerful antioxidant: Here is the O.R.P. measurement (oxidation reduction potential) in a 2007 test in Reno, Nevada -- more than twice the antioxidant power than fresh orange juice!

    Biostone:  Only On Jupiter Machines

    Melody is a premium water filtration system because of its Biostone filter. Jupiter Melody Ionizers comes with the amazing 0.1 micron Standard Biostone Water Filter. Also available is the Biostone "Ultrafine", an extremely fine particulate filter (0.01 micron). Because of the fineness of filtration, the Ultrafine's water filter lifespan is only 5-7 months, compared to the 7-12 months for the standard 0.1 micron Biostone water filter. The choice is yours: we will supply the Melody Water Ionizer with the water filter of your choice.

    In addition to silver-coated activated carbon, Biostone water filters contain "Tourmaline", a semiprecious gem that naturally emits infrared energy, which initiates negative ion creation even before the water is ionized and reduces the surface tension of the water.

    That's not all: the Jupiter Biostone water filter also incorporates Coral Calcium. This amazing substance, prized for years in Japan and the Philipines for its healing properties, adds calcium, magnesium and trace minerals to the water. Their health benefits are well established. And, if your water source is low in minerals (e.g. tank water), these minerals will assist the ionization process. Furthermore it reduces harmful levels of sodium fluoride.

    And now, because of a mineral chamber unique to the Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer, you can add additional calcium to your drinking water with our inexpensive calcium cartridge.
    When you buy a Melody, you are actually getting a free Premium Water Filter.  No other ionizer brand offers you this quality. 
    • Micro-filter is used in very expensive filters
    • Silver activated carbon prevents bacteria growth
    • Tourmaline is a expensive semiprecious gem
    • Coral Calcium provides many trace of minerals for healing properties

    $250 Added Value, if you were to buy just the a separate filter with similar quality as the Biostone, you would be paying at least $250

    Biostone filter lab results

    In this test, a specially concocted “brew” containing over -limit quantities of every commonly detected dangerous chemical was passed through a Jupiter Ionizer. The results show that contaminants were reduced in most cases to levels undetectable by the performing labs.


    1,1,1 Trichloroethane
    1,1 Dichloroethylene
    Carbon Tetrachloride
    Methylene Chloride

    Standard mg / litre





    Result mg / litre




    Test Laboratories: Seoul Metropolitan Government Institute of Health and Environment, Korea; Mizutek, USA; Microbac Laboratories, USA; Brandywine Science Center. 

    (Note: ND indicates: not detectable within range of detection equipment)



    Don't Drink Alkaline Tap Water, Drinking Alkaline Filtered Water
    There are thousands of chemicals and contaminants in the tap water, therefore, you need to filter out theses contaminants from the tap water before it goes into the ionizer unit.  Otherwise, you will be drinking alkaline contaminated water out.  In the market, other brands of ionizer pre-filter is approximately rated at 5um, whereas, Melody's premium Biostone is rated at 0.1um standard and 0.01um (optional) upgrade for only $30 extra.  The 0.1um is 50 times better than 5um, and 0.01um is 500 times better than 5um. 

    Don't Risk Your Family's Drinking Water
    Get an Melody for Alkaline + A Biostone For Purification

    It is no longer the question of what is in our tap water, it is now a question of what can we do to protect our family's drinking water.

    Why a Jupiter Water Ionizer?

    Jupiter water ionizers are built to last. The most important components of an ionizer are the platinum-titanium electrodes, and units 20 years old are still going strong. Jupiter Science has been manufacturing water ionizers for 25 years. It is the leading manufacturer in the world today, and exports water ionizers to 30 countries worldwide through Royal Water. 

    Compare Other Jupiter Models: 
    All Jupiter models are equipped with the Biostone 0.1um filter.
    Quick Comparison Chart, click here.  The Melody is the best value and its performance exceeds the average users need.  However, for some user who needs an ionizer for specific purposes such as medical needs, then they may consider Jupiter's other higher end models.

    Jupiter ionizers are CSA and UL Certified in North America and the only Certified Water Ionizer in Europe approval and thus the only one admitted to the European Economic Community. Certification by Korean and Japanese Ministries of Health as an approved medical device. With a strong commitment to research and development, and 20 proprietary patents, Jupiter Science has now surpassed Japanese quality standards. Jupiter Water Ionizers are manufactured in a state of the art ISO9001 plant.

    Kangen Water video Dr. Robert O. Young interviewed on CNN news (Dr. Young recommends only Jupiter water ionizers.)

    Here's what you can expect:

    • Five Year Warranty
    • 60 day Money Back Guarantee
    • Contaminants removed from your drinking water
    • "Through something as simple as water," as Dr.C. Rolston puts it, you'll restore your body's acid / alkaline balance.
    • Most amazing of all: A powerful antioxidant, with the same antioxidant power as a glass of fresh orange juice!
    • The single most reported benefit from our customers: "I have more energy."

    Life is good.
    Get a Melody Water Ionizer

    Health is Wealth
    Our health is our wealth. The human body composes of 70% water, and needs 7 glasses of water everyday to prevent dehydration. Tap water taste very bad and there are all kinds of waste and contaminants in the water.  To drink tap water is to pour chemicals into our body

    Your Family Deserves The Best

    Most people do not drink 7 glasses of water per day.  Most people get dehydrated without knowing because they avoid drinking contaminated tap water and high sugar content soft drink. Children are easier to get dehydrated because parents tell them not to drinking dirty tap water, and not to drink soft drink. Your family will live a more healthier lifestyle because the Melody water is so tasty, you will drink more water.

    Purified Alkaline Water At Your Convenience.
    The beauty is the convenience of having healthy alkaline water right in your kitchen when ever you need it.  That is about 7 times a day per person.  And if you are the cook at home, it is about 20 times a day.  Now no bottles to left, never run out of pure water.  Just the convenience and the time you saved is worth its weight in gold.

    Easy as 123 Installation and
    Counter Top Hook Up
    Complete do-it-yourself kits including water faucet diverter, tubing, pH test drops, 2 calcium pack.  Simply twist off and replace the tip of your faucet aerator with the Melody faucet diverter.  Now you are ready for purified healthy alkaline water.

    Counter Top Hook Up on Faucet That Do Not Have the Standard Aerator
    Simply ask us for a under counter water source kit, it is free.  This will help you put the Melody on counter top and source water from under the counter.

    Under Counter Installation With Faucet Kit
    We have two under counter kit for you to choose from.
    Jupiter Science Under-the-Sink Conversion Kit

    Change the filter when indicator reaches 9999.

    Filter Replacement: 1 Biostone 0.1um  $65.95 CAD once a year   or 
                                 upgrade to Biostone 0.01um $98.95 CAD every 7 months
    Watch the Melody Ionizer installation and maintenance videos.

    Read the Jupiter Melody owner's manual

    Installation services:  Countertop installation can easily be done the customer.
                                           Standard under counter installation is available to customers within the Greater Toronto Area for only $69.


    Input voltage Input: 110V or 220V AC (please specify if you require 220V)
    Power Consumption 110 W
    Weight 5.5 kg (12lbs.)
    Dimensions 26.5 x14.5 x 33 cm (10.5 x 5.5 x13 in.)
    Filter life 8-12 months
    Temperature control Auto Shut off
    Test Kit pH test kit included


    The Melody Water Ionizer connects in minutes to the kitchen tap, with the standard diverter (all hardware included). To see Jupiter Waterionizers on-the-counter installation. Unique to the Melody Ionizer, a convenient on/off water valve in the front of the unit allows you the option of plumbing directly into the water supply (mains) beneath the sink. We sell a complete under-the-counter installation kit for this purpose. Under-the-Sink Conversion Kit

    We have extended our guarantee again, -- no one stands behind their water ionizers like Jupiter. All our water ionizers come with a 5 year guarantee plus 15 year guarantee on the electrodes. We are the exclusive dealer for Ontario When you buy from us, you know you can buy it with confident.  Ask us about our no-interest payment plan.   Five Year Warranty

    Value and Quality Comparison
    You are absolutely getting one of the best alkaline ionizer in the market.  The normal recommended drinking level is only 9-9.5 pH. Therefore,  Melody's alkaline performance at level 10+ is more than sufficient to keep you in good health.  

    $1495 US
    $1595 CAD
    Other Brands

    Systems Under
    $1350 US
    $1750 CAD
    (1.27% exchange +2% credit card fee)

    Other Brands

    $1350 - $2000 US
    $1750 - $2600 CAD
    (1.27% exchange +2% credit card fee)

    Other Brands

    System Over
    $2400 US
    $3096 CAD
    (1.27% exchange +2% credit card fee)

    Practical pH/Ionization Strength Exceeds Normal
    Below Normal Requirement Exceeds Normal
    Exceeds Normal
    User Recommendation Excellent for average user's need Slightly below average user's need Excellent for average user's need User with specific needs.
    pH Level Rating
    (normal usage is only 9-9.5)
    10+ below 9 10+ 11
    (used for specific medical purpose)
    Warranty, years 5 5 5 5
    Alkaline Settings 4 levels 4 levels (majority) 4 levels (majority) 5 levels (some)
    Acidic Settings 4 levels 4 levels 4 levels 10% with 5 levels
    Ionized Water Output Rate 3 lpm (very high) 2.5 lpm (majority) 2.5 lpm (majority) 2.5 lpm (majority)
    Electrode Material Platinum-Titanium various various various
    Calcium Port Yes 98% no 98% no 98% no
    High Grade Internal Filter Size Yes
    0.01 um (optional)
    External Filter
    (additional cost)
    (no additional cost)
    (no additional cost)
    Some required because internal filter is not high grade.
    (additional cost to you)
    Some required because internal filter is not high grade.
    (additional cost to you)
    Bacteria & Virus Blocking Yes
    (with 0.01 um upgrade)
    No (majority) No (majority) No (majority)
    Lead Removal Yes 98%
    Carbon Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Silver Imprenated Carbon for bacteria prevention Yes No (majority) No (majority) No (majority)
    5 Layers Fiber Filter Yes 90% no 90% no 90% no
    Tourmaline Yes 98% no 98% no 98% no
    Calcium Yes No (majority) No (majority) No (majority)
    Filter Cost 66 CAD Standard
    99 CAD Upgrade
    100 - 150 CAD 100 - 250 CAD 100-250 CAD
    Patented Auto Cleaning with
    Reversible Chamber
    Yes No (majority) No (majority) Some similar technology
    Alkaline water on Demand
    Alkaline water while cleaning?
    Yes Wait 10 secs (majority) Wait 10 secs (majority) Yes
    Ionized Water Output Rate litres/min 3 lpm < 2 lpm (majority) < 3 lpm (majority) < 3 lpm (majority)
    Number of Plates 5 Plates 5 Plates (majority) 50% Mesh or 7 Plates Mesh and/or 7 Plates (majority)
    Calcium Port Yes 95% no 95% no 95% no
    Display type LCD Majority yes Majority yes Majority yes Majority yes
    Voice confirmation Yes Majority no Majority no Majority yes
    Filter Life indicator
    Digital Counter
    Yes Majority no Majority no Majority Yes
    Method of flow control Tap & Under sink Tap Tap 98% is Tap or Under Sink
    Flow rate indicator Yes Majority no Majority yes Majority yes
    Low flow alarm Yes Majority no Majority no Majority no
    Hot water alarm Yes Majority no Majority no Majority no
    Both Tap and Under Sink Connects Capability Yes 95% no 95% no 95% no
    Melody + Under Kit $1595+$210 CAD 95% No option 95% No option $2600+500 CAD
    Size 13"X10.5"X5.75"
    (The most compact system on market)
    Larger (majority) Larger (majority) Larger (majority)
    Overheating Protection Bimetal Some no Some no Yes
    BRAND NAME        
    Manufacturer Sold under the manufacturer's own brand Many are privately labelled or OEM Many are privately labelled or OEM Many are privately labelled or OEM
    Brand Name Strength 25 years:  Emco Tech Co's Juipter Brand is one of most recognized ionizer in the world for reliability, quality of materials, packaging and material documentations Many Privately Labelled or OEM company only has less than 8 years Many Privately Labelled or OEM company only has less than 8 years Many Privately Labelled or OEM company only has less than 8 years
    Number of Years in Ionizer Business 25 years 8 years (majority) 8 years (majority) 8 years (majority)
    Reliability Many units 20 years old are still running strong n/a n/a n/a
    CSA and UL in North America Yes Some Some Some
    ISO9001 Certified Plant Yes Majority No Majority No Majority No
    Certified in Europe (CE) Yes
    (Jupiter is the only certified ionizer in Europe (CE))
    No No No
    Certified by Korean and Japanese Ministries of Health as an approved medical device Yes 98% no 98% no 98% no
    Highest Quality Yes:  based on the above certification, this makes Jupiter Melody the best quality in the world.  It is also the best seller in the world.      

    Similar Quality Ionizer $2600 US
    Ionizer Melody Now $1495 US  or 1595 CAD

    "No imitation....this is the original system", GTAwater is the Exclusive Jupiter Dealer in Ontario


    $0.25 / Day 
    Lets count pennies.  A person needs 7 glasses of water a day to be healthy.  Unless you are drinking tap water or cooking with tap water, you will be drinking a combination of soft drink, juices, beverages, or buy bottled water.... the average cost is $0.35 / glass.


    Cost per person each day is $0.35 * 7 = $2.45 / day
    Cost per person each year is $2.45 *365 = $894 / year
    Average cost per family of 4 is $894 * 4  = $3577 / year 

    Now with Melody Ionizer, your entire family can get healthy, alkaline drinking water right in your home for cooking, drinking.  All this for only 25 - 31 Cents per day ($75 per filter 10-12 months).  That is $2477 SAVING / year.

    This is what we call great return on your investment and health.

    31 Cents/day...less than the cost for a cup of coffee...


    Wholesale water ionizer pricing for large or frequent orders is available.

    Note: If you're on a private well (as opposed to a regional water system), or use a water softener, please contact us for further information: 416-618-3532 (GTA) or 1-888-322-3589

  • Free Shipping Worth $25
    ADDED VALUE Biostone Filter
    RISK-FREE  60 Days Guaranteed! 
    If you do not like this product for any reason.  Send it back to us and you will get your full money back GUARANTEED!

    Don't risk your family's drinking water.
      Your family deserves both alkaline + purified water

    Call Now:  416-618-3532  or  1-888-322-3589




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    Questions and Contact
     If you have questions, please call 416-618-3532 (GTA) 1-888-322-3589

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